Roe v Wade overturned – to my Catholic community

(Raised Catholic writing anti-abortion essays, so I write with that community in mind)

I am numb
you think you need government force
to stop pregnant women from 
killing their own flesh and blood?

Maybe I’m just
an animal tearing my womb
body rejecting it
chromosomal errors, illness
No support, no one
What happened
duress, fear for my life and livelihood, for hers
—–(maybe once we have compassion for each other
—–we can extend it to the unborn)
out of all the reasons a pregnancy may not be completed,
Murderous intent toward unborn life isn’t one

Self-defense would be a better descriptor, but not great
Maybe it’s defense of children who already need her
Maybe it’s no longer growing
Maybe you should just ask her
—before you’d take away the people who do
—who see her dignity
Do you ever wonder if God speaks to her
before you play God?
Do you ever speak to her, eye-to-eye?

Where is the value for my life

do I have a future
once I can grow another?
women give so much, we expect
them to just take it
—grab from the earth,
—more more more
expect her to support us
without respecting her
but it’s not the way
we see it today – storms, floods, droughts

where do a person’s Natural Rights go
once her body could potentially hold a blastocyst
once a month?

where does her autonomy go
once her body could potentially grow a whole, beautiful, person
what is She saying?

Her choice, whether and when
is the way to peace
with choice is freedom
with freedom is capacity to love
even God listened to Mary
He waited for a Yes,
Let it be so!

You could imagine figuring it out, a baby, from where you sit
That is not the reality of someone seeking an abortion
Sometimes it is necessary, sometimes it is gray

Instead we’re still on pondering whether that embryo
has an equal right in this matter, what would it say?
taking for granted the person standing in front of us
blood dripping to sustain it
Like the embryo had a beautiful life ahead
and not the 14-year old
whose life you would take to your idea

not hers, not God’s
and not by nature, where she would use ancient methods
to make her body an unsuitable place for growth
and go on from blood and tears toward what calls her

We know it’s not right
You’ve heard the argument: You’re in a burning building.
There’s a child, and a vial of embryos
You can save only one. Which do you save?
And you’ll take that child
over 100 potentials
You wouldn’t leave her crying out to you for a thousand fertilized eggs
You wouldn’t scoop the eggs up and leave her to burn
to quickly plant them in unwilling people
even in people you condemn, you wouldn’t take it upon yourself to impose,
while they did everything to prevent it,
a rape into a woman
a child into a lack of love

You chose potentials because you didn’t see her
but now she’s making herself heard across the country
to protect her life and ours

Jesus loved the poor, the children, the harlots
I see him sitting with the one who had an abortion, wiping her tears
I can’t imagine him turning a blind eye, applauding the way you argue the details and put her down, from your security
The only verses about abortion itself
Are when God causes women to miscarry

People have used abortifacients since those times, earlier
in times of need, there was no biblical law against it

Most fertilized eggs, potential lives, are lost without intervention
It doesn’t mean life isn’t sacred, it doesn’t mean each baby isn’t beloved
A healthy couple trying to conceive, will not conceive every month
It is how reproduction works, Each one who makes it is a miracle
But it is of nature and laws of love and ethics
that the woman has a choice
in what children she brings into the world
That people come together
That it is not a rape, a control of someone’s body without her willingness

If you want more children
set the conditions for love
the children of your coercion, the never loved,
the fatherless, the motherless
will let you know their pain
seeing those who had their life and love stolen from them
who could never give them that life and love
they’ll take you with them
you’ll set up new walls to protect yourself from them
to shield from their violence and screams
when you ban their healthcare
their chance to have a child of love instead of in unwillingness
you make yourself culpable

People are having sex
with people they wouldn’t, in situations where they couldn’t sustain a child.
Putting new children into these situations is not the way to healing, it’s the opposite of love
You call the mother who can’t sustain pregnancy a murderer
An unwanted, abused child may actually become one
let her have a child when she says Yes
let her have a child of love

Maybe it’s simple, it comes down to, Who should make the difficult terrible decisions during a pregnancy?

The mother, with the support of her partner, doctor, family, etc
or the state?

The ones who grow it, of and at risk to themselves, the ones who would love and care for it
are waiting to hear from the courts as they cry in the hospital

What happened to the opportunity to have a family?

What happened to the freedom
to pursue one’s own vocation
the gifts God has given her?

What happened to forgiveness?
What happened to, the one without sin may throw the first stone?

You’re concerned that people
don’t hold sex as sacred.
Then love and teach them
how to love
tell them what you know about bodies, and souls
the best you know, be honest

People have been using abortifacients in times of need
since the earliest times
it is not a happy thing
it is a medical procedure
it can save life
it is a death

most of the time,
the death is to something that never had a thought or feeling
that you may barely see
released like menstruation
—(the majority of fertilized eggs are spontaneously aborted
—before anyone ever knows
—Roe v Wade protected early abortions, unable to continue growing
—without her blood support)
it doesn’t mean it’s not pain
sometimes it’s as much pain as labor
it doesn’t mean it’s good
sometimes, it’s an easy choice, a relief

it’s to a lot more
and it’s awful, I imagine
and I Love the woman who had to make that choice
we love her
whether or not there is a child down the line
her dignity as a human being, should go without saying

Punches, thrown down stairs, herbs and pills in the bathroom alone. It’s what you get, for not knowing what we know, for not having what we have. Take away help, repeat our mantra
Increased maternal death rates
Increased violence and crime
You deserve it, It’s Best

At the clinic, they do not try to convince you to abort.
On the contrary, counseling before anything is done
Multiple appointments
Talk you out of it, make sure it’s the right choice
We can help in other ways, instead of canceling those who already do
Anti- safe abortion makes “pro-life” a joke
When it causes more death, injury, and violence

We can live and give birth, without a ban on safe abortion
We can live and never have a need for abortion, without a ban on safe abortion
This is not what anyone needs

week 2, sex, conceive
week 4-5, may test positive
if she knows to take a test
week 6, too late
she may not even know about
the grain of rice in her.
a housefly has a heartbeat.
a hair has human dna.
one sperm has the potential for life, one egg.
it’s deserving of our pedestal
No one could say otherwise

Who’s that under your feet
who’s that in the dirt?
That’s the girl nourishing it.
—–Every moment?
Without whom it would already be dead.
—–She? no, she couldn’t have all that
What lacking body, what diminutive soul
We have it in our minds, all we need, and yes we are Happy
don’t let her speak
how disgusting

she is waking up
she is standing up
full of love from above and below
we are making a new way to love
we are reviving what love always was

wanting a baby is beautiful
embryos die, a lot
I can’t tell anyone not to cry about embryos
across the country

It might be too much, to see the people who are forced and shamed, their death, their children suffering
if you’re overcome by the thought of embryos.
Your beautiful sensitivity, your desire for justice
works love when it is in reality, connectd to those
you claim to love
When it doesn’t use a person as a means to an end

Laud the potential in an embryo, and not a child
Eyes glazed over, mystified by potential
Rip away your support, as we tell you You Can’t Rip Away what you’re supporting
what you can no longer support, what would take your life
That is disgusting
Love her or let her be

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