Sex is only for procreation

We will ban all sexual activity
outside the seven days a month
of possible fertility

If your sperm aren’t swimming well,
You must cease making love to your spouse
and seek divorce

We understand marriage is Only for making children
so once the are raised up to school
there will be no marital caresses and kisses, defilers of the sacrament
shall file for annulment and jail time, we will require
medical documentation of your continued chastity
your location data, and your web browser history

From your one life on earth
we will gladly take from you your God-giving calling
your life liberty and pursuit of happiness, were you to have
children of love, and not been forced to use
every precious egg and sperm your body released
to satisfy our little imposition
to grow us more, more, more from your life blood, at any cost, to any
lost life, suffering, There will be no conversation, it’s the law, don’t you know
your body and the life in you is property of the state?

It’s ok, don’t worry for your babes
Someone can adopt the excess

One response to “Sex is only for procreation”

  1. I love the tone of this poem. It reads like scathing satire. Reminded me of the tone of The Screwtape Letters. It’s sad that regressive laws are being passed all over the world. In the US, it’s the abortion law. Here we have laws telling us what to eat.

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